Brooke Willett

Hometown: Morrisville, Vermont

Major: Animal Sciences Pre-Vet

Program Dog: Wrigley


Sabrina DeCamp

Hometown: Bayville, New Jersey

Major: Equine Management (Agricultural Economics Minor)

Program Dog: RJ



Emma Rhodes

Hometown: Northern Kentucky

Major: Environmental Science (German Minor)

Program Dog: Nick


Gianna Alesia

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences

Program Dog: ???


Caitlin Hudson

Hometown: Booneville, Kentucky

Major: Anthropolgy

Program Dog: ???


Sarah McGowan

Hometown: Tupper Lake, New York

Major: Integrated Strategic Communication

Program Dog: ???


Elizabeth Crews

Hometown: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Major: Biology and Psychology

Program Dog: ???


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"Being a trainer will change your life. You learn patience, problem-solving and persistence.There are no words to describe how much someone grows through a partnership with a service dog in training."

-Hannah White, Training Supervisor (2013).


"WSD is an amazing organization. As an active member for four years, I learned that helping others not only gives back to society as a whole, but it also brings someone personal and lifelong joy."

-Jennifer Lyons, Puppy Raiser (2013) & Training Supervisor (2014).


"Getting to grow close to each dog through sitting has been life changing. These dogs truly leave paw prints on your heart and I feel so blessed to watch them grow."

-Brianna Vollman, WSD Sitter (2017). 


"The puppies I raised will have a place in my heart forever, but most of all, I am so grateful to have been given the chance to help them grow into dogs who can make someone's life better in a way that I can never fully understand. It was such an incredible experience to be able to give something so special to someone else." 

-Molly Mathistad, Puppy Raiser (2017), Training Supervisor (2017), & President (2018).


"Having a little puppy taught a big responsibility of time management and just being responsible in general. I'm so thankful he was brought into my life and still changes lives today."

-Haley Barter, Puppy Raiser & Secretary (2016).


"I get so excited for every dog in the program because every dog has so much potential and I love seeing them fulfill that purpose. I will forever be grateful to this program for showing me and letting me fulfill a passion for helping dogs, help people!"

-Caitlin Hudson, WSD Sitter & Photography Chair (2017).












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